Uptime Guarantee

Uptime Guarantee, Explained in simple terms.

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Updated 7th Feb 2021

Uptime Guarantee Policy

Version 1.0

As standard we currently operate a 99% uptime guarantee for all services. This document explains what that means in real terms & how we will compensate you if we fail to meet our obligations under this guarantee.

Sections Covered:

  • How do we calculate 99%?
  • What if we fail to meet our obligations?
  • What is not covered by this guarantee?

How do we calculate 99%?

We simply take the number of minutes in a year, find 99% of that number & assign it as our minimum service availability guarantee. As a reasonably new service provider, we are confident with offering a 99% uptime guarantee, in time we fully expect to be able to increase this to 99.9%, 99.99% & finally 99.999%. For the avoidance of doubt, we make the following assumptions:

  • 1. We consider a year to be made up of 525,600 minutes.
  • 2. 99% of the above number is 520,344 minutes
  • 3. The sum of 1 - 2 = 5,256 minutes
This means in real terms that although we do our very best to avoid any downtime, we consider up to 5,256 minutes of unavailability per year, to be within normal operation. For reference, this equates to approximately 14.4 minutes per day. Importantly, we calculate downtime on a monthly basis but may offer reparation in individual cases of daily violation at our sole discretion.

What if we fail to meet our obligations?

Although we try our very best to ensure maximum service availability, From time to time things may happen that are outside of our control. In the case where problems with our services result in your website being offline for more than the target allowance of downtime, we will take (at our sole discretion) one or more of the following remedial actions:

  • 1. In the case of one-off breaches of our guarantee, We will refund one month's hosting fees to your account.
  • 2. In the case of multiple breaches or continued downtime, we will migrate your website to two additional servers with load-balancing to ensure service continuity.
  • 3. In the event of total collapse of our service, we will immediately (after obtaining written permission from yourself) arrange an expedited transfer of your services to an alternative provider of your choosing,

What is not covered?

We do not consider any interruption in service as "downtime" in our calculations if it is caused by any of the following:

  • 1. User / Website error. It is your duty to ensure that your website is free from defects & secure (excluding managed customers) & we can not be responsible if your website is under attack from a third-party. We reserve the right to suspend your website in cases that threaten the integrity of our servers until such a time as you have remedied the problem. We will at our sole discretion involve ourselves in this remedy process & offer advice / solutions where it is practicable to do so.
  • 2. Erroneous Scripts. It is your duty (excluding managed customers) to ensure that your code is under control, If poorly written code is causing downtime to your website, we shall bear no responsibility but may at our sole discretion contact you to provide some actionable steps you can take to solve any problems that we can see.
  • 3. Server Maintenance. We will communicate in advance via email & via our website when we expect to carry out routine maintenance or emergency maintenance on one of our hosting nodes. Every care will be taken to ensure that downtime is minimal.
  • 4. Exhaustion of account limits. If your website exhausts it's plan limits & becomes unavailable to new visitors, we will communicate this to you via email within 24 hours. In the case where your traffic / usage pattern is predictable & on-course to breach limits, we will notify you in advance.

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